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Vinci Park School Room 21
Meet Your Teacher

Mr. Rob Curry

Now starting his third year as a fifth grade teacher here at Vinci Park and his 20th year in teaching, Mr. Curry works hard to cover all the required state standards in as exciting ways as possible. He is known for all the field trips his class goes on, all of which are directly related to the curriculum. Likewise, he uses the internet and video extensively to help students do research and present their work.
You will need to smile and say "cheese" a lot this year as he is always taking and sharing pictures.

Of Mr. Curry and his four brothers, three of them are teachers. Mr. Curry's wife works for the County of Santa Clara. They are part of the community and live in Berryessa.

He is easily available to students and their parents. You can contact him by e-mail at or call him at school at 408-923-1970.


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Mr. Curry