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Vinci Park School Room 21


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Here are the Assignments for the current week:

Language Arts

Daily Bites #1-5

Spelling Unit 1
Missed words 5 times each
Tuesday-Definitions of all words
Wednesday- Use each word in a complete sentence
Thursday--Spelling Packet
Friday--Post Test

Reading- Story "Whose Side Are You On?"
Monday--Vocabulary Skill Page/Preview the story
Tuesday-Read the story together
Wednesday-Summarize the story
Thursday-Skills Packet
Friday--Comprehension Test/Idea Bank activity

Monday-Prewriting (Brainstorm/Rough Draft)
Tuesday-Proofread==>self-edit/peer-edit & turn in
Wednesday-Rewrite & Art/extension activity/Publish
Thursday-Publish on word processor

Tuesday-Language for Daily Use (LDU) pages 7-8
Wednesday- LDU pages 9-10 even written out with corrections
Thursday - Review of complete sentences
Friday- Test on complete sentences


Math Computation/Problem Solving/Math Analysis

Monday --Chapter 1 PreTest/Add Fact Test

Tuesday--Holt Math (HM) pages 5-6 #1-20 Even/Circle Graphs/Subtract Fact Test

Wednesday--HM 7-8 #1-30 Odd, Worksheet #2-3/Circle Graphs/Multiply Fact Test

Thursday-- HM Review 9-10/Circle Graph group project/Division Fact Test

Friday-- Test on the 4 basic operations with whole numbers
Finish presenting Circle Graph group project

Social Studies , Science, Computer, PE

Monday--Read 3-7/Do Review #1-3 in notebook

Tuesday-Read 8-11/Do Review #1-4 in notebook/HW Ask family questions (handout)

Wednesday-Work on "Family History"

Thursday-Complete Family History assignment/essay

Friday--Quiz on pages 3-12 // Present Family History & put a push pin in the world map


Monday--P.E. (Special Teacher)

Tuesday- "What is Science"

Wednesday- "The 4 Areas of 5th Grade Science Study"
Thursday--Computer Class Lab--15 / Classroom-15

Friday- "Bill Nye The Science Guy" episode #103

Need some help with this week's assignment? Check out the "Tips and Hints" page.