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Weekly Assignments October 8-12
Vinci Park School Room 21

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This week we continue reading "In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson". We will also work on our Explorer reports in Social Studies and our study of the Solar System will continue in Science.

Monday October 8

Daily Bite: #30
Spell: Pretest
Reading: Year of the Boar
Essay: Compare/Contrast Shirley's life in China vs. the US
Grammar: LFDU
Math: Pages 46-47
SocSt: pp.138-144 #1-4
Science: Solar System Unit

__Math sheet 4.1
__Read "Year of the Boar..."

Thursday October 11

Daily Bite: #33
Reading:"Year of the Boar" packet
Composition: Publish/Illustrate
Grammar: LFDU
Math: Pages 54-55
SocSt: Ch. 3 Test
Science: Solar System group projects

__Math sheet 4.4
__Work on projects

Tuesday October 9

Daily Bite: #31
Reading: "Year of the Boar"
Composition: Proofread/Rewrite
Grammar: LFDU
Math: Pages 48-49
SocSt: 146-149 Chapter Review
Science: Solar System unit

__Math sheet 4.2
__Read book
__Study for Soc St test


Friday October 12th, though not a school holiday, is Columbus Day. We will discuss how the coming of Europeon explorers to America in 1492 led to the establishment of the nation we live in today, where immigrants and the descendents of immigrants live and seek part of the "American Dream".

Wednesday October 10

Daily Bite: #32
Reading: Book Project
Composition: Rewrite/Publish
Grammar: LFDU
Math: Pages 50-53
SocSt: Jeopardy Review
Science: " "

__Math Sheet 4.3
__Book project

Friday October 12th

Daily Bite: #34
Reading: Year of the Boar
Composition: Publish/Illustrate
Grammar: Test
Math: Page 56-57/ Sheet 4.5 as a test
SocSt: Explorer Project
Science: Solar System Project

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